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The Proctorial System is the process of paying personal attention to, and monitoring of, a Student’s academic progress in college hours and behavioural process outside the campus by a member of the Faculty, so entrusted with the responsibility. The proctor is an in-situ guardian for the Student assigned to him and shall be frequently in touch with the student, his father and / or mother, by Post / Mails / Mobile Phone.

If implemented through a conscious effort in an atmosphere without bias, the Proctorial System should enable realisation of the following Objectives:

    • To closely monitor the student’s progress in terms of his attendance, punctuality, performance and learning capabilities - as part of the curricular requirements,
    • To help identify, outside the curricular requirements, the student’s habitual deviations, attitudinal aberrations, utilisation of facilities and associative growth of personal attributes,
    • To provide an early warning system through the Proctor’s feedback on a periodic basis to the Heads of departments, Course Co-ordinators, Principal and Management on classified needs for their intervention and mid-course corrections,


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    • To provide the fresher a sense of Security, bonhomie, elderly guidance, mentoring and in the process remove the feeling of distance from Home,
    • To enable the student to look to his proctor as a patriarchal/ matriarchal figure, guide and philosopher,
    • To bring in a sense of accountability of the student in his passage through the portals of the Acharya Institutes,
    • To provide the parents of the student a single window source of information about their children, and
    • In the process enrich the interaction so essential for the academic ambience embellished with a human touch.






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